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Welcome to Redline MMA in Savannah GA

About Redline MMA and Fitness in Savannah GA

Redline MMA is not a traditional martial arts gym. It also is not just a fitness center with classes. Redline MMA is a learning center with a family of students and coaches whose goals are to get the most out of their training.

Whether your goal is to get into shape, learn some new techniques, feel confident in self-defense, or to fight, you will get the necessary instruction and push it takes. We are not only about teaching fighters. We teach all ages and goal sets in a laid back family style setting. We emphasize humility and self-discipline while also developing confidence and a strong work ethic.

We challenge you to find a more friendly and knowledgeable gym in Savannah GA or the surrounding areas where you can train hard or learn numerous techniques. Stop by Monday or Wednesday evening for a free trial class and see if you like what you see. Not enough time? Fine! We offer your first month for $50.00 when you register online. Save money and take the challenge. If you feel that you belong somewhere else after your month is over, then keep the free t-shirt compliments of Redline MMA.

Thank you for your interest in training with Redline MMA. Please do not hesistate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to get started.

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Welcome to Redline MMA in Savannah GA

Hear What Our Clients are Saying!

I have trained at many different gyms in my career as a martial artists and wrestler, but have to say that I have learned so much at Redline MMA. The atmosphere is great for fighters and casual students. I recommend it to anyone interested in learning.

- Duke O.

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